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Jan 24, 2013 6:30pm PST
it horizontally. how about you throw it up in the air, who's gonna be lonesome? how about you take the rock and you throw it down and you start counting, who's gonna be lonesome, right? if you want to avoid lonesomeness, which way do you throw the rock in, huh? you throw it straight out. ain't that right? you throw it straight out. [whistles] now the time it takes to hit is gonna be the same time to hit as if you dropped it. you see that? so it works out neat, doesn't it? i've done this before, i've been on a cliff. you want to know how high it is? throw it straight and count the seconds off. it's the same as if you dropped it. it works. it's nice. you know why it's nice? begins with an f, it's physics, good physics, yeah, yeah. would you like to see what, like, a tough question would look like that has to do with everything we're talking about right now? how many say, not particularly. let me show you what a tough type question is that invokes all the ideas we've been talking about. let me show you. a baseball pitcher at the top of the tower throws a rock, throws a rock straight o
Jan 24, 2013 8:00am PST
here, it has the same speed here. we call this the horizontal component of the speed. we call this the vertical part or the vertical component. component is more fancy than part, huh? so we have a horizontal component and a vertical component for every one of these speeds. over here--and now my vertical component longer and i get something like this. so the path of the ball really is-- that's not drawn very well now. it should be a little more-- like that. and, hence, the ball curves. but the neat thing is that what happens sideways doesn't change. it's only the downward part that changes. and you know why that's true? the gravity pulls which way again? beginning with a d, ends with a "own." - try it. - down. down, gravity pulls down. and so guess which way it accelerates? - down. - down. how about accelerating sideways? no. so the sideways part stays the same. [mwah] isn't that nice? take a cannon ball and you throw it up in the air like that, okay? here's the speed like this, the speed gets less, less, less, now it's about to pick up. all along here, the sideways part stays the same.
Jan 30, 2013 5:30pm EST
evidentemente fred buscará nuevos horizontes. su independencia de los primeros días fuera de la madriguera ahora lo llevan a buscar un nuevo hogar Él se despide de los únicos parientes que le sobreviven, ambos cachorros han recibido un buen comienzo en la vida. ¿pero serán capaces de sobrevivir por ellos mismos? queriendo ser parte de un filme de aventuras, fred sigue los pasos de algunas personas de hollywood. bakersfield ha sido locación para el cine en muchas ocasiones. "thelma y louis", "psicosis" y "los expedientes secretos x" se filmaron aquí. ♪ [perro ladrando] ¡guau,guau! al abandonar bakersfield él puede despedirse de los problemas de la ciudad. pero nuevos problemas le esperan en el campo al que se dirige. el valle de san joaquín no es lo que solía ser. en el pasado el majestuoso río kern alimentaba a los exhuberantes pantanos. en la actualidad una vista aérea revela cauces completamente secos. el suelo de un valle de polvo. la agricultura ha dejado el paisaje seco. ♪ los zorros jóvenes se alejan hasta 49 millas en busca de un nuevo territorio. para fr
Jan 10, 2013 4:30pm PST
and a horizontal addition at the building located at 1265-1267 bay street in the marina district . the subject property was is located midblock between go and frank street street and across from ft. mason and anchored by four story apartment buildings and a mix in between. the building immediately to the west is a three story building which extends deep into the lot. the building to the east is a condominium building which is 4 feet shorter in-depth than the existing subject building. the horizontal addition consists a three story component and a two story component. the three component extends beyond the subject buildings and setback 3 feet, 6 inches from the west property line and approximately 5 feet from the east property line. the two story component which includes a covered deck at the second story and open deck above extends approximately 11 feet beyond the three story component and is setback 5 feet from each side property line. the project also includes the partial infill of a light well along the east property line to allow for the installation of elevator and partial o
Jan 12, 2013 1:00am PST
architectural and visual rhythms. it introduces disproportionate horizontal architect uremphasis on the front scale. it introduces horizontal architectural emphasis. it's non proportional to the other buildings and impedes a major public view from lawton street on the south side of the pedestrian walk way out to the fair lawns, out to.rays, the midlands, et cetera. thanks. >> project sponsor you have a two minute rebuttal. >> thank you commissioners. i would like to spend some time speaking to the sort of mischaracteristics here. i don't think i have the time so i suggest if you have questions ask us because we're happy to respond to all of these. the mapping diagrams were based on the architect developed on the auto cad drawings for the project. so there is not much more to say about that. in term was public views there is in fact no public views here if we can get this image up. this is from lawton street as you head up the hill. the house is below the trees. another floor would barely be noticeable from that point of the street. as you head up the street -- >> [inaudible] >> excu
Jan 4, 2013 1:35am PST
you something. you ever seen this man? goes by the name horizontal bob. never seen him in my life. worst thing is, those corporate bastards keep trying to buy me off. every few months, i get cash in the mail. guilt money. don. yeah, can you excuse us, please? frank milton was meticulous and detail-oriented and wrongly accused of causing a terrible tragedy. he's supposed to be dead. someone's sending the widow money. it's not the railroad. hmm-mm. is this your husband? yes. that's from my wedding. don: so, frank milton didn't die in the cajon pass accident. he is alive. he didn't want to be blamed. instead of facing accusations, he drops out, right? he goes underground with the ftra. so what about horizontal bob? well, he fingers him to throw us off, right? mm-hmm. what he's doing, he's trying to wreck public confidence in the rail system. ( phone ringing ) hey. eppes. the clock is ticking, agent eppes. you're nowhere near catching me. 90 seconds to trace the call. i need a trace. well, i'd say i'm pretty darn close, frank. i know h-bob didn't throw you off that train, i know you j
Jan 25, 2013 3:30am PST
week is for decision correcty review to construct a two-story horizontal at the rear of the two-story garage located mid block on the north side of bay street in russian hill. decks are proposed. the subject lot measures 25 feet wide by 37.3 feet deep. two residential buildings on their own lot. the lot closet to the street contains a two-story unit. directly adjacent and west to the side. the character of the subject in the opposite block that faces the two-story buildings in various architect styles. some buildings especially mid block stepping up with the sloepdz architect. and other structures at street frontage. as was stated there were two discorrecty project but one was withdrawn last week. and robert thorp requested a - mr. thorpe's concerns include the following the projects negative effects on light and air to his building and privacy to his building the projects negative effects on the open block open space and character. and is projects effect on the value of his building. we reviewed the building and neither the project requests demonstrated any negative consequences. the
Jan 15, 2013 10:30am PST
made about investments in programs. so each of these horizontal bars is a different program of investment. the blue segments of the bar is the share of respondents who wanted to increase investments in that program. you see that over -- actually 50 percent or two thirds wanted to increase investment in bicycling, walking, muni enhancements. those are the sorts of modes that these respondents wanted to use. would allow participants to elect the decrease investment in the program as they wanted to. finally, we asked the disciplines about investment preferences, capital expansion projects.
Jan 8, 2013 8:30am PST
add up. everything has to flow horizontal and vertical leap. we created several modules to make it easier for contractors to attach the documents in a standardized format. we do not have to go deeper anymore. i don't have a formal education in i.t., however, i have deployed some systems when i was working for the industry, and i brought in young, energetic staff to help. we implemented this. it took three months. people knew when they were going to get paid. i think we have a happy contractor community. >> these system improvements have really it increased service to our clients and reduced costs and really improved the bidding environment for our contractors. it's remarkable what she has done. >> been a public service -- being a public servant is a good thing. i love my job. i would never exchange it for anything else in the world. [applause] [applause] >> i am from the department of public works. i have the honor of introducing jocelyn quintos. i will just a real quick, jocelyn works very hard. through her work, a lot of contracts and a lot of work that she does -- she has brough
Jan 10, 2013 5:30pm EST
horizonte, ellos saben regresar. (narrador) los perros no viajan delante de levi y jason sólo para jalar su equipo. la nieve puede cubrir grietas en el hielo y el agua congelada debajo del hielo puede matar a una persona en cuestión de segundos; pero los perros perciben cambios en la nieve y se detienen ante un peligro. (levi palituq) he visto perros sumergirse en el hielo en situaciones donde un humano no sobreviviría, se caen al agua y parecen salir con facilidad y sacudirse y se encuentran bien. (narrador) los perros esquimales machos y hembras son sumamente competitivos para la primera posición. el conductor humano de trineo debe tomar el rol del lobo alfa. en este ambite impredecible se requiere de obediencia absoluta. el perro más fiable es arreado como el perro líder; su trabajo es llevar a cabo las órdenes del conductor y marcar el paso. el perro de menor rango en la manada se encuentra en el último lugar; los esquimales se refieren a él como "perro menos respetado", aunque es de los que más trabajan en el equipo, jalando la carga más grande. es un trabajo muy pes
Jan 24, 2013 4:30pm PST
fourth floor a side horizontal side to expand it along the next side. in this case it approved the mode causation to some windows. this projects required side yard doing does go forward. the applicants submitted a addition that didn't expand the addition. the current project does still depends upon the variance that were granted in 2009. since the commission packet were distributed last week and i'll submit for the record. the d r requester it is owner of 110 on the avenue and directly adjacent to the property. the blocking of views from her house the impact of her prices and the projects inconsistency that was the results of a private agreement between property owners. the project was reviewed and decided that it don't effect the - the project would have to effect on the d r privacy since there's no with these in the decks that faces her house. if it were to be included the soil and other surrounding materials are not included in the project. it is the size that the commission not approve the project >> thank you requester you have 5 minutes. >> and i'm going to speak on behalf of
Jan 16, 2013 12:30pm PST
information that we're building within our database. to really look at it from a horizontal perspective how we integrate across the organization and a vertical perspective of information that they have and are able to bring forward from their experience. >> did you take a look at different classifications and how did you land on this one? were there other lower-cost ones that were evaluated? why was this one chosen? >> we looked at other jurisdictions to see how they had staffed it and at what level and what pay scale and the skillset that the needed. >> and also needed a position that was reporting directly to the treasurer. >> did we take a look at other classifications within our own system to see if there was an appropriate one that would fit that was at a lower cost? >> we looked within our organization and what would be the right, appropriate level, given the reporting structures within our organization. we did not look at necessarily other classifications. we only looks at mea09 series and what was comparable within that. >> i'm wondering if the mayor's office might be able to addres
Jan 9, 2013 11:00pm PST
como secretaria del trabajo presento su renuncia al mandatarioy dijo que buscara nuevos horizontes y ademas quiere volver a los lugares y gente que la han inspirado. ---antes de asumir su cargo en la administracion del presidente, solis habia representado su distrito del sur de california en el congreso federal... stop open blanca ---hoy se efectuaron trabajos para reforzar el dique del arroyo "san francisquito" en east palo alto, que como usted recordara se desbordo en el mes de diciembre. ---sin embargo esto no trae mucha tranquilidad a los vecinos. ---pilar niÑo converso con algunos de ellos hoy y nos muestra parte del trabajo que se efectuo. 0:01 0:31 0:42 1:13 1:28 1:48 2:09 take pkg cinco mil bolsas de arena fueron puestas hoy a lo largo del rio san francisquito en east palo alto, para reforzar el dique y evitar que se repitan inundaciones como las del pasado mes de diciembre. la estamos pisando para que se siente bien la arena en la bolsa, para que el agua no se filtre y es que en el fin de semana previo a navidad el rio desbordo el actual dique en esta zona, provocando evacu
Jan 9, 2013 10:00pm PST
natural gas. horizontal drilling and fracking, natural gas has great potential benefits. much cleaner than coal. it is $1.75 per gallon equivalent to less-expensive. it keeps jobs here and does not send billions of dollars to a dictatorship. there is fear about what happens and we sat down with halliburton and the oil and gas services companies. we understand they have trade secrets. we showed what the ingredients are and it took a six months but we got the environmental defense fund to claim victory and have halliburton claim victory. here is a transparency, set of regulations that will protect the public and settle down all the hysteria and kirk -- furor about fracking. i did it when i was a kid diyala this. how do we get past that fear and uncertainty and create some sort of predictability to business needs? that became a symbol for our issues. to find the appropriate compromise so we can get on to the next problem. >> would you like to bring us up-to-date on california? maybe give us a sneak preview of the may revise briefly. >> where selling bonds and we're not disclosing materials be
Jan 7, 2013 1:30am PST
to look for, horizontal and vertical lines. in this room, most construction works at 90 degree angles. if you look around the room, this beam is a little bit curved. but where the beam meets the wall, it hits at a 90 degree angle. basically makes a vertical and horizontal line. you want to look for these things when you look at a building. and it's not always obvious . if you look at this building, this one was an example of the racking we talked about. see how these studs are starting to fold on each other? if this whole thing fell over, the studs would be connected to each other. this is an example of the racking. obvious example of racking here; right? if you walk into this building, you are going to say this is heavily damaged. easy. large cracks. again, you want to look around the doors and the foundation. here right at the doors because, remember, the soft structure is the bottom structure. that's going to move the most. then right around the doors are structural members of the house. that's where you are going to find a lot of the damage. this one -- but look at all the
Jan 13, 2013 2:00pm EST
moving forward along a horizontal path going through a seam-oil-bearing rocks, to more than three or four meters thick. and because of that constant visualization, the constant data that are being sent back in real time from that drill bit as it moves forward, that engineer is guiding that drill bit and that column straight through the pay zone 5, 10 miles out. and it's getting astounding production. not only that, not only that, but every so often along the path of that horizontal well he's doing a frack job. so you've got what they call multistage fracks along this horizontal -- frack, frack, frack, frack. the result of all of that has been the most extraordinary surprise in the history of the oil industry and possibly in the economic history of the united states in this century. from being dependent on imported oil, we are now on the verge by 2020 of producing some five million barrels a day. five million barrels a day. that's half of saudi production from tight oil alone, and that oil does not exist except in those stones as recently as five years ago. that is amazing. lee, is th
Jan 4, 2013 6:00pm EST
of gallons of chemicals, sand, explosives, drilling down a mile or more, then horizontally, then fracturing the shale in which the gas exists. then allowing millions of gallons of water that has been contaminated to come back up. it is not necessarily what happens in the ground that is the biggest source of problems in terms of environmental impact, health impact. it is what happens at the surface. there are spills, releases of noxious fumes. there are trucks, traffic accidents. there is destruction of local roads. i could go on and on. the stories that are from individual families and communities about the impact that this has had are replete. for the last five years we have heard from texas, from colorado, we have heard the ozone levels in underpopulated areas of wyoming, and we have heard about the spills and explosions. the contamination of drinking water in pennsylvania. so to say that there is not evidence of a problem, i agree with matt ryan that this is an uncontrolled experiment. the industry is figuring it out as they go along. that is at the expense of communities. >>
FOX Business
Jan 21, 2013 3:00pm EST
production early on in the early 1900s. now you're seeing with the deep horizontal drilling in california and united states, the new technology with the three deseismic they have, they're discovering that the oil producing areas have deeper reserves and greater reserves. i think it is here to stay. there are a lot of companies out there, we invested in north american oil and gas. a small, jr. that is there. they have a look-alike of oxy field. it is about 7500 acres. they're drilling wells right now and they got their permits no problem. cheryl: the minute i hear drilling technology and horizontal drilling and you think about fracking, shale rock fracturing which is very controversial. is this the same type of technology or is it completely different? >> it is complete completely different. it is enhancement of 3-d technology over the fields this is the deep horse sonal drilling. not doing fracking in california. the water table or anything like that for environmentalists is not an issue you. there is, cheryl, a pro-fracking documentary being featured in new york that should co
Jan 10, 2013 9:00pm PST
virtually every place that it could be done. >> we were thinking horizontal, though. >> right. >> that one. >> it can go right across the top. >> right across this bar. >> that'd be beautiful, bob. >> because people can read it better. >> well, especially in the winter, you know? if it's down at the bottom and we get one of our michigan snowfalls, you know, it could be covered. the name could be covered when it's way down low like that. >> i saw so many times when death would occur and no plans had been made. and we discussed it from time to time, and finally decided on what we wanted. >> ...and show you the draft of the obituary for both you and jean. yours would read this way: "robert kelly was born on march the 10th, 1922, in el reno, oklahoma. he was the fifth of six children..." >> i know exactly what they're going to do-- one visitation, a mass, a cremation, burial, side by side. >> "...discharged in 1946, and that same year married jean marie larsen. mr. kelly has been a..." >> once the decision was made and we had that... we knew it was taken care of, that our sons would not have t
Jan 12, 2013 9:00pm EST
horizontal well he's doing the frack job. you have multistage fracks along the horizontal frack. frack, frack. the result of all of that has been the most extraordinary surprise in the history of the oil industry and possibly in the economic history of the united states in this century. from being dependent on imported oil, we are now on the verge by 2020 of producing some 5 million barrels a day. 5 million barrels a day. that's half of saudi production. that oil did not exist except in those stones as recently as five years ago. that is amazing. is this not a love story? [laughter] of course, where it gets extremely interested that the russians are watching. the russians are watching because there's no reason in principle why the same magic cannot be applied in russia at least as far as the stones are concerned. the stones may be even more favorable in west siberia than the lower 48 in the united states. there could be around the corner a renaissance of west siberia. mother nature could save putin yet. >> question. did the russians have any revenue exports of significance apart from oil and
Jan 15, 2013 11:00pm EST
drill these horizontal wells and stimulate them has been a change in just a global change in the way the energy business looks. we think these targets are exceptional. >> people, they still don't get it. what was in the ground, the permian has been around forever, suddenly we were able to access what you couldn't? >> we knew all along there were many of the zones that were generating oil and gas for years. we would get just enough oil and gas to mess up our drilling system. with horizontal wells, we can now produce these zones that we knew were there for generations. >> who is unwise enough to sell you properties given your history and success? >> there was a lot of running room out there. we have been there at our prior companies and we bought our first acres out there in 2008 in a county where there was one other drilling rig. today there is 35 or 40 drilling rigs. >> some others are worried that you are going to outspend your cash flow. sandridge had bigger eyes than what they had the money for. aubrey mcclendon, some feel he outspent. >> how do you know your cash flow will cover
Jan 10, 2013 7:00pm PST
? >> we're going down what we call a horizontal path, taking the good work we've done for years in the intelligence business down to commercial costumers. we're doing that, i must say, not like many defense companies who say i have a brilliant idea, and let me go and try and sell it to the commercial. we're being drug down this path because of the offerings we have. the opportunities are very significant because everybody is aware of all of the cyber-threats and we have a very important solution. >> tom: where are the profit margins better, in the government business or the commercial business? >> i trust that is a good straight line because they're clearly better in the commercial business. >> tom: keyw, noted for key west, you describe yourself as a jimmy buffett fan. that doesn't seem to go with government intel business, len. >> we're known to be a little weird, both in the company, as well as you have to be a little different to be successful in the intelligence business. i think it does fit. >> tom: leonard moodispaw, with keyw. >> susie: american express to verizon investors
Jan 9, 2013 6:00pm PST
buscara nuevos horizontes y ademas quiere volver a los lugares y gente que la han inspirado. ---antes de asumir su cargo en la administracion del presidente, solis habia representado su distrito del sur de california en el congreso federal... blanca ---tiempo de la primera pausa en noticiero telemundo 48, pero mas adelante... take vo blanca ---pese al aumento de reportes de problemas que plagan un nuevo avion, en san jose, todo esta listo para que la nave llegue a su nuevo destino en japon... take vo blanca ---aumentan las advertencias de los departamentos de salud ante la inminente llegada de una epidemia de la gripe que ha resultado mortal en otros estados... topvo blanca ---todo parece haber vuelto a la normalidad esta tarde en el hospital "alta bates" de oakland, luego de que ayer se reportaron problemas con la tuberia de agua que obligo la cancelacion de todos las intervenciones quirurgicas. ---a partir de la una de la tarde de ayer, el hospital estuvo sin agua potable por varias horas cuando se taparon varias tuberias. ---el personal se vio obligado a seguir el codigo
Jan 17, 2013 7:00pm PST
that participants made about investments in programs. so each of these horizontal bars is a different program of investment. the blue segments of the bar is the share of respondents who wanted to increase investments in that program. you see that over -- actually 50 percent or two thirds wanted to increase investment in bicycling, walking, muni enhancements. those are the sorts of modes that these respondents wanted to use. would allow participants to elect the decrease investment in the program as they wanted to. finally, we asked the disciplines about investment preferences, capital expansion projects. there were a number of participants the chose that project is part of their investment plan. at least half of the respondents chose his first four listed projects, transit effectiveness project, transit performance, -- the transit performance initiative, to explain what that is, is a placeholder for a type of project that would be a major construction project in our transit network designed to address key system bottlenecks related to reliability or travel times. examples are the emba
Jan 8, 2013 4:30am PST
of the 580 horizontal there. also a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where we still have the road crew clearing from the bay bridge toll plaza. the approach to hov lanes. back to you. >>> some 49ers fans may be asking where is kicker david akers? the team promised they could give him a chance to keep his job. comcast sports net bay area reports only the recently signed was working out at candlestick yesterday. could be just a coincidence even though he's a veteran and never kicked at candlestick. the coach is keeping quiet say both men could be on saturday's active roster. >>> niners getting ready for the postseason and the giants are ready to kick off a special thanks to all fans today. outside of sacramento city hall, they'll start a tour of the 2012 and 2010 world series trophies. things of beauty. this is video of a recent visit to our newsroom. a chance for a snap photo there. fans will get a chance to also take their pictures with those trophies for the next several months the tour, the victory tour, will wind throughout northern california and parts of oregon and arizo
Jan 28, 2013 2:00pm PST
. consider the following diagram-- along this horizontal axis, we measure the acres of alaska preserved as wilderness. if we preserve the maximum amount of alaskan wilderness, we might end up here with 150 million acres of unspoiled natural terrain. on this vertical axis, we measure the valuable resources, say minerals, in those 150 million acres. if all those acres were developed, we would get $13 billion worth of minerals. the notion of limits in economics says you can't be in both places at once. if you want all wilderness, you'll have zero minerals. if you want some minerals, you'll give up some wilderness and end up here. you now have $5 billion of minerals. you're left with 120 million acres of wilderness. more minerals here. less wilderness here. still more minerals. still less wilderness. finally we have a whole curve-- it expresses the possibilities that lie before us, the fundamental limits on our range of choice. in 1943, american servicemen fought on two fronts while american civilians lived better than they had in years. how did america increase production of guns and butte
Jan 6, 2013 6:00am PST
d p w and s f p review all of the horizontal extrusive proposal and is third party estimates that were very sure that she is shes have good very muchs prior to city action and we want the capital planning committee do this extrusive make recommendations to the full board for each i f d a pen appendix. now, obviously, this is an he is wees one to prove for the sale scale of these project and to leverage none city resource and is continue best practices of city participation. so, this is graphic just shows the a investment post the adoption of the water front land use plan and you can see there are seven scene million dollars of new value since 2,000 and that is for the exploretory and at&t park, pier one and disprawn if we have the crews terminal project for one 10 million or $827 million of investments since the adoption of the water front plan. the three project that weave i'll that brad will be talking about in a moment is at a much larger scale in these three proposed project and you will see as you look at the project that there is about 400 and $10 million of planned i f d pr
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 143 (some duplicates have been removed)